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Hi just got back from the birthday dinner - last night and tonight.

Yes, please give me the spanish dictionay lesson

I am working on the last section is is ony 4 sentences so I should be done in about 15 mnutes if you ae still on

I also have spanish quiz tommorrow - got my grades 5 A's and one B+ my first ever.

  • sra McGuin spanish -


    1. Write down the English word.
    2. Look up ALL the Spanish possibilities.
    3. NOW, take each Spanish possibility and look it up for the PRIMARY English meaning. (There is no shortcut and you will have some surprises.)
    4. Select the BEST word, based upon the "context" or exactly how the word is to be used.

    We did an exercise one day just on the word "well."

    bien = as in health, I'm fine/well
    pues = as in uhhhh, welllll, while you are thinking
    también = as well, also, too
    ¡vaya! = well, as in an exclamation
    pozo = well, as there is a well in the desert
    fuente, manantial = well as in a source of water


  • sra McGuin spanish -

    P.S. I have to put the car away, tuck the animals in for the night, take a bath and then I'll be back!


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