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sra JmcGuin

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1. sleep late /watch football
answer: dormier tarde - media futball

2. give flowers / go out to dinner
answer:dar flores/ voy a le cana

3. watch fireworks / have picnic

Answer: media ??? / tengo picnic

4. Eat turkey / be with fmaily
answer: comer ???? /
5. sing songs/ decorate tree

6. Open presents / give gifts

7. go to a party / watch telvison for celebration

  • sra JmcGuin -

    ¡Olé! You are on earlier!

    1. dormir tarde / mirar fútbol

    2. dar flores / salir a cenar (not the only choice)

    3. mirar unos fuegos artificiales / tener una jira (or una partida de campo

    4. comer "guajalote" = depends upon where you are from if you would use that word or "pavo" (México = guajalote but Spain = pavo) / estar con la familia

    5. cantar canciones / decorar un árbol (you didn't try the last 3?)

    6. abrir regalos / dar regalos, or the perfectly good verb = regalar

    7. ir a una fiesta / mirar la tele (televisión) para la celebración

    BTW = Did you get a good dictionary yet? Did I give you the "lesson" on how to use a dictionary?


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