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I have to give a presentaiton tommorrow in school on what this person is wearing.

Gabriella is wearing a green wool hat with puffy balls on it. She is also wearing tall borwn leatehr boots with soft wool inserts they are called UGGS. The jeans she is wearing are a medium grey color denim material and the latest fashion. She is wearing a long sleeve white cotton shirt with the words " I love you" on the front. Finally, she is wearing an oversized green puffy down jacket with big buttons and a zipper front closure. The hood is lined in fur.

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    Hola, Sam. What have you done on this? If you do the work, I can help you. If I do it FOR you, that is not right! I hope you are still up as I'll not be on too much longer.


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    P.S. A word of caution. This vocabulary does not look like something you have had? Be sure you use the structures and vocabulary you have learned in class. If you write this out first in English and then try to translate literally (word for word), that is the WORST thing you can do. SIMPLIFY, using what you already know.


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