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I can't remember how to integrate ye^ey with respect to y. Is it (y^2)e^xy? or do i need to do integration by parts? i just cant remember.

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    oops, that was supposed to be ye^xy

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    Yes, you can do integration by parts. Another way is to integrate e^(xy) and then differentiate the answer w.r.t. x.

    Integral of e^(x y)dy = 1/x e^(xy) + c

    Differentiate both sides w.r.t. x:

    Integral of ye^(x y)dy =

    (y/x - 1/x^2) e^(xy) + c'

    If you use this method then the integration constant is some arbitrary function of x, so when you differentiate you don't get rid of the integration constant.

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