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A helicopter is flying in a straight line over a level field at a constant speed of 21.7 m/s and at a constant altitude of 11.5 m. A package is ejected horizontally from the helicopter with an initial speed of 21.6 m/s relative to the helicopter, and a direction opposite to the helicopter's motion. Find the initial speed of the package relative to the ground.

I thought I knew how to do this...until I saw that they give an altitude. Can someone give me the first steps? I can probably get it after that.

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    The altitude has nothing to do with intial speed.

    Vrelative ground= Vhelo+ Vrelathelo
    = 21.7m/s - 21.6 negative sign means opposite direction. = .1m/s in direction of helo flight.

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    i don't really know.

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    Physics is poop

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