English- VOCAB. for Great Expectations

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What do these mean?
manifest, blithe, gait, felicious, malice, interlocutor, pervade, dejected, assail, obtrusive, exonerate, tacit, extricate, diconcerted, ascertain, vicarious, trenchant, execrate, cogent, miscreant, acquiesce, affable, propitiate, traverse, ignominious, obstinate, divulge, discursive, abject, mottled, countenance, constable, indicative, pilfer, rimy, indiscriminate, amiable, haughty, peruse, averse, divine, pernicious, imbue, impetuous, supercilious, ponderous, inefficacy, morose, descry, insolent, intimate, capricious, derision, corroborate, obseqious, ruminate, tremulous, melancholy, elixir, prodigious, apparition, purblind, unconscionable, engender, capacious, detriment, abhorrent, maudlin, cravat, sagacious

  • English- VOCAB. for Great Expectations -

    You'll find all of these definitions in this dictionary:


  • English- VOCAB. for Great Expectations -

    Thank you, Ms. Sue!

  • English- VOCAB. for Great Expectations -

    piss-to pee out

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