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That is so kind of you to give your time. I was looking for a one on one spanish tutor if you find you are interested pelase let us know thanks Claire

  • sra Mcginiun -

    Sam's Mom, Sam can have a one-on-one right here! I hate to see you spend any money when you don't have to! Why not try that first? I read the boards first thing in the morning, last thing at night and in-between when I have time.


  • sra Mcginiun -

    P.S. For Sam and Sam's Mom:

    The driving distance between where I am and where you are would be ridiculous. Why not begin with Sam's teacher? That might be the best solution, because I always gave my students extra help when they asked = before school, on break, lunch, after school. Also, another volunteer teacher suggested that you contact UCLA or another university near you. College students often like to tutor because not only do they get extra money, they learn better! The department chair at the school could have recommendations.

    Also, you could do a search for a Spanish teacher in your area. Here are some sites I found:




    But again, I urge you to simply post here if Sam likes my explanations.


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