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The question list each element and the numebr of atoms


Mg = magnesium

What does OH with brackets aorund it mean and then the small 2

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    OH is an element known as Hydroxide, and the 2 indicates that there are 2 of them present.

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    Err, I meant to say compound not element. OH is a compound of oxygen and hydrogen. The 2 indicates there are 2 of this compounds present, which means that there are 2 of each element present.

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    OH is neither a compound nor an element. OH^- is the hydroxyl ion (or hydroxide ion). When paired with Mg ion it forms Mg(OH)2which is named magnesium hydroxide. The 2, when placed as a subscript after a set of parentheses, multiplies everything inside the parentheses by 2. Thus, there is 1 Mg atom, 2 O atoms, and 2 H atoms in a molecule of magnesium hydroxide.

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    it means that the O (oxygen) and the H (hydorgen)there are two of them.

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