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A string of length 50cm is used to hang a picture frame from a nail hammered on a smooth wall. The frame is 20 cm wide and weighs 10N. It hangs symetrically.

The angle which each part of the string makes with the vertical is 23.6.

- State the magnitude and direction of the force on the nail.

- Calculate the tension in the string.

I tried to work the first part and couldn't do it. Then I triedd the second part. Can anyone check my working and tell me whther it's right please?

Resolve vertically:
T1 Sin 66.4 +T2 Sin 66.4 = 10N

Resolve horizontally:
T1Cos 66.4 = T2 Cos66.4

The I solved them simultaneously.
T1 = 5N and T2=5N. Therefore tension in string is 10N.

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    I don't have a clue what you did, but it was wrong. Your static equations are correct.

    T1-T2=0 Or T1=T2 then


    which does not lead you to your answers.

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