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This is for grade 11 math, under quadratic extrema and roots.

Fred and Ginger have 24 m of fencing to enclose a garden at the back of their house. From the pictures you can see (shows a large rectangle for the house, with a smaller one attached on the bottom line, to the right) they want to fence only three sides of the garden. What are the dimensions of the garden having the biggest area they can enclose with their fence? What is the maximum area?
Hint: Define x to be the garden's width and get an equation for the part of the perimeter being fenced. Put this expression in an area formula and notice that your area formula becomes a quadratic function in x. (You know how to find the maximum of a quadratic function.)

Here's what I got so far.

Let x be the width.
Let L be the length.
Let A be the area.

2x + L = 24
L = 24 - 2x

A = Lx
A = (24 - 2x)X
= -2x(squared) + 24x

This is with my teacher's help. I just need to know how to get the answers, what my next steps should be, etc.

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    well... break it down, first focus on 2x + L = 24
    L = 24 - 2x

    this should be your first step.

    What I did with this problem is that I rearanged the problem so it was easy.
    First ask youself what would be the max number that I could use to make x= a number times 2 = another number to = 24. I don't think this is the max you can go but so far i got L= 24- 2(2)

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