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The countries of Europe report that 46% of the labor force is female. The United Nations wonders if the percentage of females in the labor force is the same in the United States. Representatives from the United States Department of Labor plan to check a random sample from 10,000 employment records on file to estimate a percentage of females in the United States labor force. The representatives from the Department of Labor selected a random sample of 525 employment records and found that 229 of the people are females. Create and interpret a 90% confidence interval. (Do you think the percentage of the labor force in the United States is the same as European countries?)

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    Take a shot. What do you think. Show some work.

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    Here's a hint:

    Use a confidence interval formula for proportions. Here's one example:
    CI99 = p + or - (2.58)(sqrt of pq/n)
    ...where sqrt = square root, p = x/n, q = 1 - p, and n = sample size.

    Remember you need a 90% confidence interval; my example uses a 99% confidence interval. You will need to adjust accordingly.

    Another hint: x = 229, n = 525

    I hope this will help.

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