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Partial derivative

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Hello I trying to do a problem on partial derivative. I know the partial derivative of 3x+2y with respect to x would be 3 and with respect to y would be 2. But wut if it is squarroot of 3x+2y, wut is the partial derivative of it with respect to x and y

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    For d/dx(partial)of (3x + 2y)^1/2, just treat y as a constant and use the usual rules. In this case, use the chain rule and let u = 3x + 2y
    df/dx = df/du*du/dx
    d/dx(partial)of (3x + 2y)^1/2
    =(1/2)(3x + 2y)^-1/2 * 3
    = (3/2)(3x + 2y)^-1/2

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    k tnx for ur help

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