English: DEBATING!

posted by Julie

Hi I need help I am finding my topic quite difficult. I am the 1st speaker for affirmative team with the topic: That in life there are more snakes than ladders." Its a difficult research/investigating topic, so I'm not sure what to say, and how to do my research.

Please help soon!

  1. bobpursley

    Surely you are not taking the topic title literally. I doubt seriously if the debate is about snakes, or ladders.
    What if I paraphrased the title to

    " In life there are more obstacles to be overcome than easy opportunities for growth. "

    Would that be the topic? Years ago I had the priviledge of attending a saturday seminar at Clairmont College with a very famous person leading it. I remember many things from him, but one in particular. He stated his theory of human motivation: That people were motivated by two and only two things, the need to avoid pain, and the need to grow.
    Is is possible that snakes represent pain, and ladders the opportunity to find growth?
    Good luck.

  2. GuruBlue

    Snakes and Ladders is a children's game.
    generally for ages 4-11
    You can find it at this site:

    I wouls suggest you play it once to see what the point is.

    BobPursley is correct, the snakes are problems(difficulties) to be solved; the ladders are opportunities to be taken. And that is what life/growing is all about. At any age the problems and opportunities are different and we grow as a person as we meet, make decisions, learn from these challenges.
    More snakes than ladders.....hmmmm, my opinion, <G> it depends on the kind of snake. A problem can be a real pain, but it can also be an opportunity to grow...soooo since every day presents new "problems" then there probably are more snakes, but they aren't all BAD ones. Just look in nature... we really need those nifty green garden snakes...even those they make us squeal.

  3. Julie

    Thanks for all the help, I really appreciate it!!!

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