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i need a project idea for the internal assesment project. I want it to do something with sewing, like using equations in making a garment.

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    That looks like a good idea. You can use equations to
    make a pattern larger or smaller
    use materials with different costs
    use different widths of material (45", 36", or 54")
    make a long skirt versus a short skirt

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    i don't know how to make it into more math statistics related than a fashion design.

  • ib math studies -

    What differences in width and length of the pattern pieces would you have to make if you increased or decreased the pattern two sizes? How much more or less material would you use?

    What are the differences in the cost of the garment if you use material that costs $8 a yard, $15 a yard, or $25 a yard?

    If you need 4 yards of 45" material, how much more material would you need if you used 36" wide fabric? How much material would you need if you used 45" fabric?

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