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The larger of two positive integers is five more than twice the smaller integer. The product of the integers is 52. Find the integers. Must have an algebraic solution.

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    ?I was wondering if you could tell me

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    Let x stand for one integer and 2x + 5 stand for the other.

    The formula you would work with would be:

    x(2x+5) = 52

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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    In a trapezoid, the smaller base is 3 more than the height, the larger base is 5 less than 3 times the height, and the area of the trapezoid is 45 square centimeters. Use an algebraic solution to find the height, in centimeters, of the trapezoid.

    The height of the trapezoid is centimeters.

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    The sum of two integers is 29. The larger of the two integers is 5 more than 2 times the smaller integer. What are the integers?

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