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factor each expression completely. if possible. Just checkin the * Ones
1. x^2+19X+90 *
2. x^2-16X+55 *
3. x^2-^6x-91 *
4. x^2+28x+195 *
5. x^2-29x+204
6. x^2+3x+154
7. 2x^2-5x-42
8. 3x^2-13x+12
9. 5x^2+43x-18
10. 6x^2+29x+35
Solve each equation
31. x^2-22x+120=0
32. 4x^2+20x+25=0
33. 4x^2+10x=x^2-x+4
34. (x+2)^2+x(x-3)=1

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    Let us know what answers of yours you want checked. This looks like part of a long homework assignment you want someone else to do for you. We don't do that here.

    Here's how you would do one of them:

    32. 4x^2+20x+25=0
    (2x + 5)^2 = 0
    2x +5 = 0
    x = ?

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    1. (x+10)(x+9)

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    1. is correct
    2. is correct
    3. is (x-13)(x+7)
    4. is (x+15)(x+13)
    Factor the last (constant) number into integers and see which combinations work. For problems 7,8 and 9, you will hace to factor the coefficient of x^2 also.

    For #10, try using 2 and 3 as the a and b coefficients of the x terms and 7 and 5 as the constant terms in
    (ax + b)(cx + d)= (ax+5)(bx+7)
    One of the 2,3 combinations will work.

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