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To make shelves for a bookcase, Nate needs 7 pieces of lumber, each 45 inches long. Nate has several 10-foot lengths of lumber in the width and thickness he needs. How many of these 10-foot boards will Nate use?

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    Each piece of 10-foot-long lumber has 120 inches (12*10).

    You need to figure how many times 45 goes into 120 to find the number of shelves Nate can get from each 10-foot long piece.

    If you post your answer and the number of 10-foot boards Nate will use, we'll be glad to check it.

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    45 goes into 120 2 times.

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    Right. He can get 2 shelves out of each 10-foot board.

    Since he needs 7 shelves, how many pieces of lumber does he need?

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    about 4

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    You're right. :-) Nate needs 4 pieces of board to make his shelves.

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    Slight correction -- Nate needs four 10-foot long boards to make 7 shelves.

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    so the answer is 4. thanx!!! ur a big help!! went through it step by step.

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