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Hydrogen sulfide H2S is produced during decomposition of organic matter. when .5000 mol H2S burns to produce SO2 and H2O. -281.0 kJ of heat is released. what is this heat in kilocalories.

Can you help me start this please

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    There are 4.184 Joules in 1 calorie.
    There are 1000 calories in a kcal and 1000 J in a kJ.

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    -281.0 kJ ( 1 Joules/ 1000 kJ)(1 calorie/ 4.184 Joules)(1 k cal/ 1000 calories)

    is this the correct set up

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    There are 1000 J in a kJ, NOT 1000 kJ in 1 J as you have it.

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