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I was wondering if someone could look my softcopy resume over. Is this good for a softcopy? Thanks for the help! :)



Cake Decorator
I started training to be a decorator in 2003.
I became a part time decorator about a year later in 2004.
Now in 2007 I am a full time decorator.

Other Bakery/Deli experience
I also know how to bake pies, work a meat-slicer, work in a fast past environment, and do well with customers.

ShopRite of West Haverstraw- Bakery
45 S Route 9W, West Haverstraw - (845) 947-1624

ShopRite of Garniville- Bakery ( decorator)
38 W Ramapo Rd, Garnerville - (845) 429-3602

Luna Café- Counter help (shut down)
Liberty Square Mall, Stony Point NY

Super Stop & Shop- Cashier/ Bakery (Decorator)
1581 Route 202, Pomona, NY- (845) 354-9673

700 South Main St Madison, WV 25130- (304)-369-0093

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    I already answered that at


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    Thank you for your help. I was also wondering if this could be used as both hardcopy and softcopy resumes?

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    I have another one but it looks so much like this one. Little differences.

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    You need to add a phone number of the people you worked for so that the employers can talk bout ya

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    I did the one place is closed down. Can I ask one more question... Is a cover letter the same as a job application letter...I am new at this stuff. Sorry if I am buggin you.

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    umm im not sure but i don't think they are you might want to look it up on (ask) or something

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    and your not bugging me at all

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    Be sure to check out the different sections in a box on the right.

    Hard-copy (printed) résumés are the chronological and functional ones.

    Soft-copy (sent online only) are the electronic ones.


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    That JobStar link I just sent you addresses cover letters, too.

    And here's this:


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