writing.....please i need help...

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what would be a good imagery to start of my paragraph about how downloading music is a downfall to the music industry??

i really need help...

  • writing.....please i need help... -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Isn't this "pirating?" Here's an interesting site:


    Now, if you were a musician, how would you feel about people not paying for your music?

  • writing.....please i need help... -

    i wouldn't like it at all...but i don't know what imagery i can use to begin my paragraph....

    my teacher has been askin to use imagery in our essays and stuff like that...

    but i don't seem to think of any

  • writing.....please i need help... -

    Here is a good explanation of "imagery" which hopefully will help stimulate your thinking. You might try "brainstorming" with friends and family to get ideas:


    Here's a good "mapping" on imagery:


    Here is something on "imagery in literature"

    (Broken Link Removed)

    Perhaps you can even think of something in your own life that would correlate?

  • writing.....please i need help... -

    ok thanks

  • writing.....please i need help... -

    Sra, gave you a great suggestion... Think "pirating". What do pirates do? You can create some great imagery with that. Instead of a ship on the sea, what kind of "waves" do music piraters ride? What kind of "gold" do they take? This would be great fun to write. Let us see your finished "imagery".

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