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I need help with this last math problem i have: Using the properties for radicals to simplify, assuming all variables represent positive real numbers.

square root 12x^3/5

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    First you have to realize that:

    square root 12x^3/5

    are equal! :-)

    Taking the square root of a value is the same as taking the value to the 1/2 power

    Use this rearrangement to simplify:

    Multipy the exponents...


    I'm pretty sure that's as far as you can go with the simplifying

    Good luck! :-)

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    The answer depends upon whether you mean
    [sqrt (12 x)]^3/5
    or (sqrt 12) x^3/5,
    or sqrt (12 x^3/5)
    The way you wrote it is ambiguous. You need to use parentheses to clarify what you are taking the square root OF.

    If you meant the last of these, then it is equal to (sqrt 12) * x^0.3

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