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American History. Dealing with events of Germany!

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Hi, i have no idea what to do. The teacher was very blunt. I have to devise a timeline and report of events between 1914 and 1941 that were actions of italy, germany and japen. But my other two partners have the other two countries, and i need my events for Germany. What are some sites i could get a list of all the events? Im very confused about which specific events she wants, and i need a good grade, so please help me out.

She said some events are in our book, which is a glencoe book.
Other than that, i don't know any.


ITs kind of like actions of germany BEFORE the war, so i guess they kind of participated into leading there.

thanks. please help

  • American History. Dealing with events of Germany! -

    Your timeline begins with World War I, continues through the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party and ends with the start of World War II.

    This site has an excellent timeline. You can click on the events to find more information about them.

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