Maths ..equation

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Is this right please ....

3( y - 4 ) - 2 ( 5 - 6y )

= 3 x y = 3y, 3 x - 4 = - 12
-2 x 5 = -10, - 2 x -6y = - 12y

Therefore, 2y -12 -10 -12y

If I am wrong can you advise where I am going wrong .Thanks !!!

  • Maths ..equation -

    You should not write your solutions in bits and pieces, besides some of your steps are not correct.
    Here is how it should look:

    3( y - 4 ) - 2 ( 5 - 6y )
    = 3y - 12 - 10 + 12y
    =15y - 22

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