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how do u set up the lewis structure for H30+?
i know the available electrons is 3 but it has a +1 so it makes ir 2??

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    It's really tough to draw Lewis structures on these boards but here is a try. If it doesn't work I'll try to describe it.

     H +

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    That looks pretty good to me EXCEPT that I left a H at the very bottom. Hope it helps.

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    You need to add an H to the bottom. No more electrons are necessary.

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    thank you but the set up for the total valance electrons is confusing?

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    i have this same homework problem

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    H has 1 electron each x 2 atoms = 2 e
    O has 6 electrons each x 1 atom = 6 e
    Total of 8 electrons to be distributed.

    Then a hydrogen ion (H+) with no electrons adds to either one of the two lone pairs of electrons of the oxygen atom. The completed structure looks like this.

     H  +

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    This one looks ok to me.

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