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insulin-food intake

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Through which mechanism does insulin affect food intake?

a. it enables the intestines to digest certain types of protein that they would not otherwise be able to digest

b. it increases the percentage of each meal that is stored as fats

c. it increases the sensitivity of the taste buds to sugars

d. it increases the preference for salty foods

I chose answer B. because after u eat a meal, it is stored to fat, but i wasn't sure if this was correct. Do you know the right answer?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Most of the studies had to do with laboratory animals. This is the only one I found the other day for someone mentioning humans.

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    B probably is the best answer. Insulin allows the liver to take up sugars and turn them into glycogen (a short term enery source) and triglicerides (fat) (long term energy supply).

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