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Spanish 1B - I am an honor student but with spanish for me I can memorize for the tests but I am not really undestanding it. I am great in science and math - and i got an A barely in spanish but it gets harder. The hardest part for me is that every other class comes easy. I took spanish in the 7th grade and now it continues to 1B in 8th and then 2 in 9th

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    Sam, barely an A is great!
    Various people have various talents... some are great with words and sounds; some are great with numbers. Others do wonderfully with visual concepts; others may have more talent with tactual concepts. For example, I am a word person and I have an ability to visualize. However, number concepts were a huge struggle. I could do foreign languages, art, English, history. But algebra was a total disaster. I was euphoric with a B.
    The best advice I can give you - if you do your very best and that is the most you can do. Recognize that; pat yourself on the head, and say "well done!"

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    If you're interested in really using the language and learning it you should study abroad. You're forced to use it in everyday conversation! When I was in Lesotho I learned the home language; Sesotho. I never thought I could learn a language because in highschool I just did the work for the grade. Visit abroad Sam and let your mind take you places you've never been!

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    Very good advice above! Many high schools, and definitely colleges, have exchange programs. There are also summer programs. I'll post that in a few minutes. If you ever get to do a "Junior year abroad" at a university, go for it! Definitely when you are in "total immersion" you have no choice!

    I have lots of study ideas for you. Have you heard of TPR? (total physical response?) For example, label a chair in your home as "silla." Now when you SEE it, touch it, sit in it, it becomes "la silla" in your mind through physical association. You will begin to form a "dual" track in your memory bank!

    Here is a website just announced on TV.

    When you click on that, you can have a map of your area and constant updates as to roads closed, etc.

    Just let me know when you are ready for "study hints!"


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    How would you answer the question ' sue haces? in Spanish

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