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Question: ask your friend wha tyou should give hector

answer Mi amigos, que debo dar Hector.

Question Suggest to a friend a gift he/she should buy hector. ( use poder)

answer: Usted debe poder comparle a Hector un libro

Is the a correct before Hector??

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    By now, hopefully, you know what is wrong with "Mi amigos, que debo dar Hector." It would be "Mis amigos, ¿qué debo darle a Héctor?" (My friends, what should I give Hector?)

    The answer is now correct if you remember a period at the end of the sentence.

    The "a" is there before Héctor because you are giving the book TO Hector. Both the "le" and the "a" indicate that Hector is the indirect object here; the book is the direct object.

    In Spanish you use the "personal a" before a person's name, a pet, anything you want to "personalize" to make it more important. It's called "honorific" but you don't need to know the terminology.

    Have a good day off and see how much individual help you can get here!


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