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1. You have to drink about 2 liter water for your helth.

2. I do a crucial carp exercise to make my intestines healthy. It is important to have a proper bowel movement in the intestines.

Hello. Thank you for your help.
Are the sentences above grammatical? Can you recommend new natural expressions?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. It is easy to correct #1

    You have to drink about 2 LITERS (plural) OF water for your HEALTH (check spelling).

    In #2 I have no idea what a "carp" exercise is. A carp is a fish, bottom feeder that you wouldn't eat!

    I do a crucial ........ exercise to make my intestines healthy. It is important to have a proper bowel movement in the intestines.

    The rest of the sentence seems fine.

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    Thank you.

    To move our body as a fish does is good for health. A crucial carp is he name of a fish. We can straighten our backbones if we do the crucial carp exercise. We can also make the bowel movement active. So by doing the crucial carp exercise, we can help the intestines work properly.

    The statements above would be my answer. Would you like to check the sentences above to find whether there are any mistakes or not.

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    SraJMcGin is right.

    She has corrected sentence #1 for you.

    With your explanation of what a "carp exercise" is, the second sentence seems to be fine.


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