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Determine the rhythm and meter of each set.
"Workers earn it.
Spendthrifts burn it.
Bankers lend it
Women spend it.
Forgers fake it.
Taxes take it.
Dying leave it.
Heirs receive it.
Thrifty save it.
Misers crave it.
Robbers seize it.
Rich increase it.
Gamblers lose it.
I could use it."
I think this has a heptameter but I am having trouble determining the rhythm.
I am totally lost on this one-
"When the dark
Of a spring
There is one
Wwho will serve."
If I had to guess I would say this is an anapest monometer.

  • English -

    Where is the stressed syllable on the word "workers" or on the word "women". Each of those lines has 4 syllables.

    This site gives a chart of all the meters.

    When you recheck, please repost and I will be happy to help you further.

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