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I had to get refund,and I received more money than I paid on account of the change of currency.

Would you take a look at the sentence? If there are any errors, correct them please.

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    I had to get refund,and I received more money than I paid on account of the change of currency.

    1. Put a space after the comma.

    2. Change the verb tense from "paid" (past) to "had paid" (past perefect) since that action took place before "received."

    Change "on account of" to "because of."

    What does "the change of currency" mean? The currency exchange??


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    Also -- in #1, the phrasing should be "I had to get a refund..."

    Get that word "a" in there.


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    Thank you what about the following?

    e.g. I had to get refund,and I received more money than I paid on account of the change of exchange rate.

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    I had to get a refund, and I received more money than I had paid because of the exchange rate.

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