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Fill a balloon with helium gas to a volume of 2.68 L at 23 celsius and 789mmHg. What would the volume of helium if the pressure changes to 632 mmHg but the temperature is unchanged.

This is how I solved it

V2 = V1 X P1/P2

2.68L X 23/789 = V2 =.078 L

Is this correct

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    (P1V1)/T1 = (P2V2)/T2
    Since T1 = T2 you can omit that from the equation.

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    Sorry I didn't see your answer. The equation you used is ok but you didn't substitute the correct numbers.
    V1 = 2.68 as you have.
    P1 = 789 mm
    P2 = 632 mm
    The 23 you used is the temperature and doesn't enter the equation.

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