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writing analysis paper

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I have an analysis paper due on a poem. I have a few ?'s. Is the plot the same as the setting of the poem? when doing an outline what do I put under the plot? The plot is number I, but what do I list as A. B. etc? Do I put the location, the time of day? Don't know what to list.

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    The plot is the story line...what happens.

    The setting is where and when it all happens.

    Here is a idea of a plot outline
    I . The beginning
    A. Introduce the characters

    B. Conflict/problem (the "collision idea") --
    The conflict or problem is what "drives" the plot.

    C. Setting - where and when the story happens.


    Character tries to solve the problem.
    The character has difficulties solving the problem

    The End

    Climax - character tries to solve the problem again The character can either succeed ( happy ending) or fail (either type of ending will do).

    Resolution. This is what happens to show there reader that no other result is possible. The "they all lived happily ever after" or "they would never be the same again".

    Remember that only narrative poems will have a plot.

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