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I want to make a song with the theme of "Planet Earth", although I'm not good at singing, so I'm just looking for a beat song. Can anyone of you suggest a genre or what instruments should I use?

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. When you mention "Earth" as in "Mother Earth," etc. I think of the American Indian and/or Mexicans. Both respect the earth. So you could go for tom-toms, flute with an Indian motif or like "mariachis" harp, trumpet, etc. with a "Latin" motif.

    As for rhyme, if you want that, you could plan aa, bb or ab, ab, etc. Give it a try and repost if you'd like.

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    SraJMcGin, can you list all the instruments I should use instead of saying "etc." ?

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    Not good at singing? Rap, none of them are any good either.

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