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Not sure if my response came through before - just wanted to say thank you for the quick response and keep up the good work :) ttfn - Canadian Student

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    You're very welcome.

    By the way -- one of our math tutors -- Reiny -- is also Canadian.

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    Is it okay to post to him directly - no offence to any of the other tutors.

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    You can put his name in the subject line -- but if he's not online for a few hours -- or several days, you may cut your chances of getting a fast answer. As far as I know, math is the same in Toronto as it is in Detroit or Los Angeles :-)

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    "As far as I know, math is the same in Toronto as it is in Detroit or Los Angeles :-) "

    ahhh, but we don't use those silly inches, feet, yards and ounces anymore, lol

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    You're right, Reiny! LOL!! But, believe it or not, many of us do understand the decimal system.

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    Welcome, Reiny! Be sure I'll leave the MATH for you! I used to live in Montréal = and you know how that is!

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