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If 3 moles of H2, I2, and HI are in a 3L flask, what will be the equilibrium amount of each. Kc=5

The answer is H2= I2= .71M, HI= 1.584M(given by teacher)

Just need to know how to do the work.

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    Do you mean the problem to sound the way it does. Are these the EQUILIBRIUM concentrations? I don't think so. Otherwise, K = 1
    (H2) = 3 mols/3 L = ??
    (I2) = same
    (HI) = same
    Write the equilibrium constant expression, plug in the numbers, and solve

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    I think you meant to say that 3 mols HI, H2, and I2 were placed in a 3 L container and allowed to come to equilibrium. Calculate the concentrations of each.
    Write Kc = (HI)^2/(H2)(I2)
    Concentrations at the beginning are 1 M for each.
    At equilibrium,
    (HI) = 1+2x
    (H2) = 1-x
    (I2) = 1-x
    Plug into Kc expression and solve the quadratic for x, then evaluate 1-x, 1-x, and 1+2x.
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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