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why is it important for people to know all about money and capital markets investments and financial management if they only work in one of these areas

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    How do you know you're only going to work in one of those areas? You'll probably be in the work force for 30 or 40 years. There's no way anyone can foresee what you'll be doing 10 years from now -- much less 30 years from now.

    Besides -- knowing about subjects that are outside your immediate field is called "being educated."

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    aren't you cute. just was asking a question on why i have to learn ablut all of these when I am only going into financial management for a small company.

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    Reread Sue's post. " There's no way anyone can foresee...."
    Being a teacher is hard when students already know the answers, and what lies ahead. We never had that experience. I wish I could forsee the stock market 30 years ahead. I bet so do you.

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