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physics questions

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can you please check my answers?

1.what would be the path of the moon if somehow all gravitational foces on it vanished to zero?
-would the path of the moon be arched.

6. is the force of gravity stronger on a crumpled piece of paper than on a indentical piece paper that has not be crumpled?
-I saw that both are the same because no matter it is crumpled or not it still has the same force acting on it.

9. what is the relationship between the force and distance in an inverse square law?
-is it columbs law

12. why could Newton not determine the magnitude of the G with his equation? (this question I don't understand?

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    1. What is Newtons First law?
    6. correct.
    9. No, you have to say force= something. your answer is what the something is.
    12. He didn't have enought time, Cavendish finally did it. It is not an easy task measuring the attraction due to small masses.

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    I agree with Bob.

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