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physics homework

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can you please check my answers?

10. when rewinding a an audio tape or vdieotape, one reel winds fastest at the end. which reel is this? why does it speed up?
-The reel is the left and it speeds up because of its greater rotational intertia is near the rim.

15.the wheels of railroad trains are tapered, a feature especailly important on curves. how if at all does the amount of taper relate to the curving of the tracks? (this question I don't understand)

20. flamingos are frequently seen standing on one leg with the other lifted. what can you say about the birds center of mass with respect to the foot on which it stands?
-is it because their center mass is is fixed, but different.

23. the front wheels located far out in front of the racing vehicle help to keep the vehicle from nosing upward when it accelerates. What physics concepts play a role here?
-would it be linear momentum.

34. when a car drives off a cliff, why does it rotate forward as it falls? (consider the torque it experiences as it rolls off the cliff)?
-I don't understand this question

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    None of them are correct. Your answers are pretty wildly wrong, and the nature of the answers indicates to me that you have little idea of what is going on in class. I strongly suggest a tutor before you are left behind.

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    why does a car nose up when accelerating and nose down when braking?

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    Because it wants too duh.

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    what do you mean by a change of state?

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