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today has been very hectic along with homework i found out about 3 tests that i have tommorrow. I have to study for all three of the tests. The first is biology, second, is business law, and third it in Algebra II, and for homework I have to read 10 pages out of a book (not so bad), 6 questions in agricultue(answeres are in paragraph form), look up information over the topic of study in governement (hard to find on the internet), and do a review for the math test tommorrow. I am soo stressed and This isn't the first time that I have had this much homework. I know that this is a part of life, and if i want to go to collage I must deal with this but it is so vexing, I tired out of my wits from school trying to get all of my home work done, and i'm stressed but if i take a break I'll be up late tonite which makes for another crabby me tommorrow morning. I am so tired from my friends and parents and now this. WHAT SHOULD I DO? I need tips, hints, anything that can get me through this. Please help me.

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    My first suggestion is that after this, you study every night or two for each of your classes. Reread assigned material, go over your notes, and perhaps rewrite them. You know you'll have tests, so if you keep up and learn the material as you go along, then you won't need to cram the night before a test. Just before a test, you shouldn't have to spend more than a few minutes quickly reviewing what you've already learned.

    I know school is tough these days, so it's imperative that students learn to budget their time. An extra few minutes each night and a few hours over the weekend should enable you to thoroughly learn and prevent having to be stressed out the night before a test.

    Good luck!

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    i do not under stand with what

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    try doing each "subject" for a half-hour, and if your still not done with everything after a half-hour of it, then go back and finish it later. also, take 5 or so minute breaks between each subject, and give your brain a rest. it usually works for me. good luck!

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    the three tests i just found out about today

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    Thank you and I will try the 30 min thing. It may work

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    no problem...good luck =]

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    But what do i do if we find out about the tests the day before

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    You KNOW you will have tests in these subjects. You just don't know when. That's why suggestion to study every night or two in these subjects makes sense. You need to learn as you go along, not just the night before a test.

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    OHHHHH! I understand now sorry. I am doing fairly well thanks to you advice thank you

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    There are many good study-tips websites in this linked page. The one is absolutely superb.

    Learning how to study well is something learned over time and needs to be carried out over time. All the suggestions above are excellent. There is more really good information in the link I've given above.


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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The night before an exam (or in this case 3) you can NOT cram. Be sure to get a good night's sleep, get up with enough time to have a good breakfast. Be sure to do some "exercises" to get the blood flowing and if you are allowed to bring a bottle of water with you, sipping water helps "wake up the brain." Of course, be sure you are ready to enter the class, with the proper materials for the test.

    You may even have time to refresh final notes BEFORE you enter the room.

    When you first look at the test, do what you can do easily (to build up your confidence and so you won't run out of time) and then go back to the more difficult ones.

    If there is no penalty for "guessing" and/or "wrong answers" give it your best guess! A lucky guess is better than a blank.

    Check your work, if you have time, to be sure you have no careless mistakes. A good rule is "if you think it is correct first, it "usually" is."

    But of COURSE, the best policy is to be overprepared by following the Study Habits you have already received! Then, depending upon what "type" of test it is I have lots more suggestions for you.

    Best of luck! But then we often make our own luck!

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