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In a rectangular piece of cardboard with a perimeter of 20ft, three parallel and equally spaces creases are made (so the piece is divided into four equal sections.) The cardboard is then folded to make a rectangular box with open square ends.

a. Write a formula for the volume of the box.

b. Find the domain of a.

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    . . . . .
    . . . . .
    . . . . . y
    . . . . .

    let the length of the original rectangle be 4x (so that each of the smaller rectangles is x )
    let the width be y

    After it is folded, the volume would be
    but 8x + 2y = 20
    or y = 10 - 4x

    so Volume = (10 - 4x)x^2

    for b. you ask "what is the domain of a"

    there is no a

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    looks like my diagram did not come out correctly.
    It was supposed to be a large rectangle 4x by y, divided into 4 equal rectangles each x by y

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    (-1,4)(5,8) into general equation form

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