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Polynomial Functions-help

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What do polynomial functions look like? And what can be consider a polynomial function? Would a graph that is like an upside down V be considered as a graph of a polynomial function?

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    "poly" is many in Greek and "nomial" means number
    so a polynomial is 'several terms'

    In highschool mathematics, a polynomial is an expression made up of two or more terms, where each term has an exponent n, so that n is a whole number.

    A "graph that is like an upside down V" would be a polynomial, and example would be
    f(x) = -x^2 + 3x - 1

    The following webpage lets you manipulate the coefficients for different functions to study the effects. Very interesting models.

  • Polynomial Functions-help -

    write a polynomial function that has given zeros and has a leading coefficient of 1. 2,i,-i

  • Polynomial Functions-help -

    a4b+ a2b3

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