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The question I need to answer is
Describe a social policy that may affect your future position as a human services worker.

My understanding of social policy
A course of action the government has put forth to quide the people a different direction.
"Welfare Reform"
example would be to receive food stamps or other services people who are able to work must have a job or looking for a job to be eligiable for these services. am I correct in this understanding of social policy.

If not could some one explain it to me please

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    I think you have a good understanding of a social policy. If the government cuts back on food stamps, that would cut back the money available for human services and probably mean staffing cuts also.

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    If there were cuts it could hurt many and also if a worker was working with someone that was receiving help it could hurt the relationship between the two, making it hard for the person recieving benefits to trust someone else and to have to start over with another and or not even have that same advantage if there were cuts.

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