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If Fred drives 720 miles in 6 hours, how far should he drive in 8 hours? (assume he drives at the same speed)

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    Divide 720 by 6 to find how many miles he travels in one hour. That gives you his average mph.

    Multiply his average mph by 8 to see how far he could drive in 8 hours.

    Are you sure your numbers are correct. It's impossible to legally drive 720 miles in 6 hours.

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    I typed it wrong it should be 270 miles in 6 hours

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    Whew! That's better. If he had traveled 720 miles in 6 hours, his average speed would have been 120 mph.

    Divide the miles by the number of hours.

    270/6 = mph

    mph x 8 = distance traveled in 8 hours.

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