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my teacher marked these phrases as wrong but i don't know what about them is wrong:

1. je revelerais sans prevenir
2. j'ai vendu mes robes plus jolies

both of them need "un mot a ajouter"

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    Not sure but:

    Je *me* revelerai sans... I will reveal *myself*... It's reflexive.

    J'ai vendue mes robes les plus jolies. Can't explain it - it just sounds right.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. You have good help from Tony in that it could be reflexive OR have a direct-object involved. Somehow you need to "reveal/develop" SOMETHING.

    #2 is no doubt saying "I sold my prettiest dresses." + J'ai vendu mes robes les plus jolies. (Just check the past participle.)


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