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Nautical Studies

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IRPCS - Vessel over 100m aground in fog - sound signals.

IRPCS does not make it clear, it seems open to interpretation.

3 strokes of bell/bell 5s/gong 5s/3 strokes of bell


3 strokes of bell/bell 5s/3 strokes of bell/gong 5s


Thank you


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    Three bells (I am Aground)
    rapid bells for five seconds
    Three bells (I am arground)

    That is what I remember. I couldn't find it online, and most of my references have been boxed away.

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    2. (rules from U.S. Coast Guard, Alexandria, VA. Go to D & E for rule 35): (Broken Link Removed)

    3. (Broken Link Removed)

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    That clarified it to me. If you are aground, three bells, rapid ringing, three bells.
    If you are aground and have dropped an anchor, you add the gong. You can add the whistle.
    When one is aground, in a ship of over 100ft, life is complicated. Make as much noise as you can, in Fog. One doesn't want to add to the woes.
    Thank God for GPS, radar, and radios.

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