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I have few questions that I need checked please and could you help me with the last question?

Write an equation that expreses the relationship. Use k as the constant of varaiation.

1. s varies directly as h
-I got: s=kh

2.a varies directly as the square of m.
-I got: a=km^2

Determine the constant of variation the stated condition.

6. b varies directly as a, and b=90 when a=6.
-this is what I did: 90=k/6, then I multiplied each side by 6, (6)(90)=k(6)/(6)(6), I got k=15.

If y varies directly as x, find the direct variation equation for the situation.
10. y=4 when x=20
-This question I don't understand

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    all right so far,
    10) y=kx
    k= y/x= 4/20
    y= (4/20) x

  • Variation -

    Write the equation of direct variation for x = -5 and y = 90.

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    hei soly,

    mey nime is tom atos. i berelive tat des qerstetion es werong! whay u arsk? bevaues dat ern broblem in ern meddle is wierd.

    herve fern!

    tom atos <333

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