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I was asked to draw the resonance structure for N2O, How do I do that?

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    and add two .. to the top and bottom of the O.
    This gives 8 electrons around each N, N, and O. The middle N has a formal charge of +1 and the O has a formal charge of -1.
    You can arrange the 16 electrons other ways but this one is more than likely the correct one.
    :N::N::O: with .. top of left N and top of O. That gives 8 electrons around each N, N, and O with a formal charge of -1 on left N, +1 on middle N and zero on O. Since the formal charges are the same as the first one drawn, this could be a resonce structure BUT the middle N has 4 bonds and the left N has only 2 so I don't like it as well. Anyway, you get the idea.

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    OOPs. I count 4 bonds for middle N on the first one, also, so I take back my preference.

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    Thanks so much your a total lifesaver. you deserve a cookie

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