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I need to divide this but I am a little confused. I hope this makes sense I tried to make sure I have the parenthesis in all the right spots

[(x^2-49y^2)/(6x^2+42y)] / (x^2 - 7xy)

[(x^2-49y^2)/(6x^2+42y)]*[1/(x^2 - 7xy)]

{[(x+7y)(x-7y)]/6(x^2+7y)]}*[1/ x(x-7y)]

{[(x-7y)]/6(x^2+7y)]}*[1 / x]

(x+7y) / [6x(x^2+7y)]

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    According to your original line you are correct, but...

    are you sure that the second bracket wasn't (6x^2+42xy) ?

    Then I would have worked out better and the answer would have been 1/(6x^2)

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    nope I am positive it is the way I have it written. This problem has caused me more grief because I thought there should have been a "x" in it also. Thanks for looking at it for me.

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