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This problem concerns a student that is attempting Newton's 2nd Law, but the cart does not run without friction.

How do I calculate the drag force, givin the mass of the cart (7.6kg), the mass of the load (4.2kg), and the resulting acceleration (1.2m/s2)?

I'd appreciate the help.

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    I am uncertain what is making the cart move? Is is gravity? If it is gravity, and going down a ramp, you can write the equation governing motion

    forcegravitydownramp- forcefriction=ma

    so resolve the mg into two comonents, down the ramp, and normal to the ramp, and the solution follows.
    I cant give more details without exact situation.

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    There is no ramp involved... its just a cart on a flat table, and then a puly, and a load. Would gravity be pulling the load down, which would make the cart move? I still don't get how I would calculate the 'drag' (friction and air resistance) force.

    Here's my attempt at drawing it.


    I'm sorry, I'm just a little confused and for some reason, physics doesn't click in my head.

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    The "load " is the moving force.

    totalmass*acceleration= loadforce-friction

    frictionforce= loadfriction - totalmass*acceleration

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    What is the me of a 6 kg mass at 4 m/a

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