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Math for Gina

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Well I need the LCM for 78& 104 ok there

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    When finding LCM, there are several way to figure it out but the one I use it finding prime factors.

    78 104
    39x2 52x2
    (13x3x2) (13x4x2)

    You eliminate 1 of the double so now it is; 13x3x2x4= 312

    get it?

  • Math for Gina -

    oh thanks gina are you a student

  • Math for Gina -

    The least common multiple (LCM) of two numbers is the smallest number (not zero) that is a multiple of both.

    What number will 78 and 104 both go into evenly?

    Start by multiplying 78 by 2, then 3, then 4, etc., until find one that is divisible by 104. Hint: it's less than 6 times 78.

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    not it multiples like 2 4 6 8 10...

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